Friday, July 31, 2009

It’s Obvious She’s Been Through Customer Service Training

While on my way to work this morning, I dropped by one of my favorite grocery stores. I enjoy this store because the prices are decent, it’s relatively new, and it’s close to my home.

For quite some time, I’ve noticed how customer-friendly the front-line employees are. However, I could never say the same thing about the managers and supervisors.

Whenever I enter a store, I always pay close attention to the level of service I receive from its employees. I can tell which stores have been through customer service training and which ones have not.

That is why, this morning, I was struck by friendliness (maybe even a little over-the-top) by the assistant manager who was working the check-out counter. Usually, she is very stoic and reserved. She never smiles and rarely speaks. However, today she was more than friendly to the point that I was even a little taken aback. My first thought was to say, “Is that you?” She went out of her way to speak to me, ask me how was I doing, and was I able to find everything okay. She’s never said that to me before. If the person who waited on me in the bakery had not said the same identical thing, I probably wouldn’t have noticed to the extent I did. It’s obvious these employees have been through customer service training.

I don’t want you to get the idea I am complaining. On the contrary, I am glad I received such great service. My morning got off to a good start.

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