Sunday, June 28, 2009

Love Always

I have never written about love. I have taken it for granted that everyone, including me, knows what love is. Love is a powerful four letter word and it is the most important facet of the philosophy of servant leadership. As Bill Turner says, “The engine of servant leadership is love, and love is a gift from God.”

The last thing I want to do is come off as being holier than thou. Much of what I say here may very well be projection. I really don’t know. I want to be loved but I think it is more important that I love. I also want people to love one another. Are these lofty ideals? Maybe, but it’s worth a try. What do I have to lose?

As I observe the world around me and humankind at large, I see lots of people on edge. America is a country of plenty but we find ourselves currently involved in two wars. We are in a recession where unemployment numbers have risen to heights my generation has never experienced with people losing jobs left and right.

All of this does not include the daily grind people are experiencing—rising before dawn to catch the early bus to a job that has a bleak and uncertain potential; working more than one job; unruly bosses and terrible work environments; all the while raising children and trying to inspire them to be the best they can be.

All of this brings me to the importance of love. For most people, it’s easy to love in good times. Life is more than bearable and it's easy to love when the bills are being paid, the children are behaving, and it seems like your current job has a lifetime contract. But we need to love in bad times, too. It’s easy to pay lip service and tell the world you are a loving human being. However, we human beings need to love when things are not going our way. We need to love in spite of it all and no matter what. In short, we need to love always.


  1. I agree with your observation or projection of needing to love during bad times as well as good. I observed a father's love recently on a flight to St. Louis. A father was sitting across the isle from his young son who obviously had recent cancer treatment by his appearance and verbal comments. The young son was having difficulty sitting still during the flight and the father would lovingly pat his arm or suggest an activity to keep him busy. The love projected through the father's eyes was so clear and his patience was endless.

  2. So true, so true. When I fail to feel love around me, I find someone to love on and help them with their own situation. By doing so, not only am I able to feel loved, but I am also gaining energy from that person...knowing that they, too, will help spread the love to someone else. I take great satisfaction knowing that I started a ripple in the pond of life. Without spreading love, even when times are tough, we will be creating a love-less society that no one will want to habitate in. Love: The cheapest, more effective way to change everything around you. We must remember to "Be the change you wish to see in the world." Ghandi

  3. M. Burber talks about I-Thou vs I-It relationships. When we start trying to love total groups, total issues, total anything is when we go down dead end streets. Unless we can look on each segment - each individual and seek to look into their journey, only then can we truly love. The older I get the hardest one to love is me! Thank God I am still learning and still on the journey. ThX for your thoughtful reflection! JBA