Monday, June 8, 2009

I Should Be 100% Excited But…

Tomorrow morning I’m traveling to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the 2009 Greenleaf Center International Conference. The purpose of this trip is two-fold. First, I'm conducting a pre-conference workshop on Wednesday afternoon. Second, my first book, Stand Tall: Essays on Servant Leadership will be ready, and I will see it for the first time.

My wife is going with me while our girls will spend the week with my parents. I should be 100% excited, but I’m not. This will be the first time that our dog, Sophie, will have to stay in a kennel.

I never thought I’d ever be this fond of a dog. I haven’t had one since I was at least seven years old. We got Sophie, age 2, this past March from Paws Humane for my daughter’s 12th birthday. Over the last month, Sophie and I have really bonded. The two of us basically spent the whole day together yesterday.

We’re going to take Sophie to the kennel this evening after work. I can’t help but think of what will be going through her mind tonight when she’s away from us for the first time since we got her. I sure hope she’ll be okay. Heck, I sure hope I’ll be okay.

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